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Ancient Cultures News Broadcast

Ancient Cultures News Broadcast

Students create a news broadcast as part of a unit on ancient cultures.


Exploring Line Symmetry

Exploring Line Symmetry

Students will create original artwork and manipulate images to demonstrate understanding of line symmetry.

Visit Our Solar System

Visit Our Solar System

Students will learn about the planets as they create a sample travel journal that explains what it would be like to visit one of the planets.

Take a Tour of a Biome

Take a Tour of a Biome

Students learn about the five biomes through as they create a travel brochure.

Animal riddle

Animal Riddles

Students will research an animal and create a riddle to showcase their knowledge and engage other students in the natural world.

Your Next Class Trip

Your Next Class Trip

Students will create a web site to persuading their principal to take their class on a trip to the location of their choice.

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

Students will create a daily newspaper edition to learn about the politics and culture of ancient Rome.

Persuasive and Presidential Writing

Persuasive and Presidential Writing

Students learn persuasive writing and presentation skills.

Angles All Around

Angles All Around Us

Students will ientify types of angles in photographs, and write cinquain poems that share the angles they find.


Amazing Animal Alliterations

Students will learn to create illustrations that support and reflect their writing.

Create a Visual Poem

Create a Visual Poem

Students will create a visual, or video, poem as they analyze the imagery in a text.

Design a Book Cover

Design a Book Cover

Students create a new cover design for a book they are reading to demonstrate comprehension and explore character, plot, setting, symbolism, and conflict.

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