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The Creative Educator team offers a variety of on-site and virtual workshops for schools and districts looking to bring project-based learning into their classrooms.

Professional Learning

The Creative Educator is devoted to the promotion of a student-centered, creative, and project-based approach to the curriculum. Our staff can work with your organization to provide training to help bring this philosophy to your classrooms.

Our trainers have worked in some of the largest school districts in the United States, as well as some of the smallest independent schools. We know that every organization has unique challenges that professional development must address.

Project-based Learning

Project-based learning engages students in deep thinking while connecting their learning in the classroom to the world around them.

Over the past 15 years, we have developed a unique professional development model that builds teacher capacity as participants experience firsthand the process of planning, working in a collaborative group with peers, and learning in a project-based setting. Participants return ready to transform their classrooms into learning environments focused on 21st century skills.

Make PBL matter by focusing on ideas, work and effort

As a result of our PBL professional development, educators will be able to:

Our project-based learning (PBL) professional development programs can range from a one-day kick-off events, to week-long in-depth workshops, to year-long consulting and mentoring experiences. The professional learning program is designed specifically to help you meet the goals of your professional development program and customized to support the learning needs of your teachers.


To succeed in our highly complex and rapidly changing world, our students need to be able to think and act in new ways. The need for knowledge and analytical thinking isn't going away, but now more than ever, our students need to build creative thinking skills as well.

Everyone has creative capacity... everyone. Let the Creative Educator team inspire your staff to develop their own creativity or design learning environments that build creativity in their learners.

From engaging keynote presentations to hands-on workshops and planning, we can help you cultivate your own creativity and ensure creative thinking flourishes in your learners.

Universal Design for Learning

The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) model, developed by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST), can help you reach and teach all learners to high standards. A UDL approach embraces good pedagogy and challenges us to think about our students as individuals with unique needs and strengths in three domains - affective, recognition and strategic.

descriptions of the three principles of UDL

Participants leave with new ideas to challenge all students to learn new content and skills, through flexible methods that engage learners and provide the opportunity for everyone to succeed.

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