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Build thinking skills with project-based learning

Project-based learning (PBL) engages students in deep thinking while connecting their learning in the classroom to the world around them.

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Authentic tasks provide another strategy to engage students, meet learning goals, and measure student understanding.      › more

illustration of Make It Matter model with work, effort, and ideas
Push the learning in your classroom from projects to PBL by focusing on ideas, work, and effort that matters.
Newtonian physics collage
To prepare our students to develop more holistic and problem/project-based approaches.
Boy and girl making a robot
The best way to construct knowledge is to create a sharable learning artifact.
Girl at computer with group
Actively working on a “real world” problem through hands-on projects motivates students by asking them to work toward an outcome that matters to them.
Boy looking at test tube
If we believe our students have potential beyond measure, we must ask them to produce work for authentic audiences. Not ‘when they grow up,’ but now.
Man looking up to chalkboard full of querstionmarks
Helping students figure out how to ask good questions prepares them for their future, not for our past.
Illustration of digital tree
Effective project design includes clear learning goals and essential questions that project work will help students answer.
Children working together in a tug-of-war
Give students experience in collaboration, questioning, and project management for a smooth transition to project-based learning.
Circle of hands on the beach
Working collaboratively during project work prepares students for modern citizenship and work, building essential 21st century skills.
Girl on laptop
Special needs students flourish in project-based learning which provides a variety of learning modalities for students to show their understanding.
wordle of text from article
Transform project presentations into presentation of learning with feedback and reflection.
3 Gears working together
Facilitating a project rather than merely dispensing knowledge help students approach new ideas, information, and problems.
Hand writing coaching strategies
Take the role of coach during project building in the classroom to help you maximize students’ growth as learners.
Illustration of nervous student presenting
Ways to structure presentations of learning for second language learners (ELLs) and primary age students.
Reflecting on your PBL implementation
An iterative process of reflection and refinement is essential to the successful implementation of project-based learning.
Girl at computer with group
Authentic assessment evaluates knowledge as well creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation.
Circle of hands on the beach
When you begin project work, it is important that students have a clear picture of your expectations for their work on the product and during the process.