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Developing 21st Century Classrooms

21st century classrooms help develop learners who are independent, powerful thinkers able to self-direct, organize, lead, and collaborate.

Students on a roundabout on the playground

In this age of literacy 2.0, the roles of the school librarian and technology teachers are in need of a change. When students have near-constant access to...  › more

Interview: Dr. Maureen Carroll
Learn how to integrate design thinking in the classroom to help students apply both creative and analytical thinking.
BOy with laptop looking up into forest
Effective learning environments do not limit themselves to time or space, and consider the ways in which we learn best as well as individual learning needs.
Female administrator with books
To be effective leaders for the 21st century, administrators must ensure that instructional needs, the expertise of teachers, and the ultimate needs of students are considered.
Girl with laptop in filed, surrounded by lower blooms
As teachers, we can looks to Bloom’s Taxonomy to ensure we are providing experiences that help students develop higher levels of thinking.
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Give students an assignment that encourages higher-level thinking and the opportunity for “data dumping” (copying and pasting) is almost nonexistent.
Illustration of boy standing on a balloon looking up
To ensure that all students can complete in the technocentric global society, our classrooms must engage and provide them with high-level skills.
Illustrated Globe
Authentic tasks provide another strategy to engage students, meet learning goals, and measure student understanding.
Man looking up to chalkboard full of querstionmarks
Helping students figure out how to ask good questions prepares them for their future, not for our past.
Pen and calendar
Make the most out of limited time in the computer lab by using: stop, ask, listen, suggest, and collaborate.
Illustrated girl looking to lighthouse
It can be a challenge to connect with Millennials, these five ideas will help you to relate to them and them to relate to you.